The Market

Cannabis is a natural product that has been used for medicinal, social and spiritual purposes since the dawn of history. It is one of the oldest plants known to humankind and is thought to be among the earliest cultivated crops.

It was used by the Vikings and in medieval times helped to relieve the pain of childbirth and toothache.

Today, the remarkable healing and social benefits of cannabis are once again being discovered. Across the world, governments, public agencies, health professionals and individuals advocate and support its use.

With its wide range of benefits and growing awareness of its medicinal uses, it is attracting increasing investment into research and development.

The market potential of cannabis is huge. Its use is now authorised in countries across the world, including Canada, Colombia and Uruguay as well as a number of European countries and 30 states in the USA.

The compound annual growth in the legal adult use and medical markets is 31 per cent and this high level of increase is set to continue.

It is estimated that the global legal cannabis market will reach $146 billion by 2025 – more than the entire GDP of countries such as Kuwait and Hungary.