Protecting and maintaining the environment is our key priority. Our goal is to create awareness of projects and campaigns which are helping to safeguard the future of our natural world. These issues include the importance of using clean production technologies and protecting rivers from pollution. We also support campaigns to care for native species and the soil beneath our feet, as well as encouraging the polyculture system of agriculture where different crops are produced on the same farm.

Our initial focus will be on three projects:

Protecting bees

A third of the food we eat depends on pollinating insects such as bees. The decline in their numbers has caused serious alarm among experts in Cesar and across the whole of Colombia.

Proud to recycle

Recycling plastic bags and other plastic waste helps reduce the strain on the world’s resources and cut pollution. It’s a simple way everyone can play a part in protecting our planet.

Backing bicycles

We are proud to sponsor the use of bikes to help children get to school and provide a greener alternative to cars and motorcycles.