We understand the huge impact education can have. Giving children the best possible start in life by investing in their schooling is one of the ways we can make a real difference to communities. We want to work in partnership with La Jagua de Ibirico on projects that offer local children a brighter future. Our programme will initially focus on two areas: English language tuition and making schools more accessible.

English skills give pupils an invaluable advantage when they graduate from high school and start their search for a job. Our English Language Integration Programme will equip students with the skills they need to compete against pupils from more developed bilingual schools. The project starts in elementary school and uses personalised classes to prepare students for continued study in junior high and beyond. After graduation, the top three students will then have the chance to pursue further education opportunities in the UK.

For many children living on farms near Avida Global, just getting to school every day is a challenge. Often, they have no transport or have to walk miles along dark and dangerous roads to reach the town. We will help children get to their lessons safely by providing transport to and from school.