The Avida Foundation

At Avida Global, we believe in giving back to the communities we serve. We want our presence to make a positive impact and benefit generations to come. That’s why we have launched the Avida Foundation. 

Our concept is based on four pillars: education, environment, local enterprise, and arts and culture. 

In education, our job is to facilitate English language opportunities in local schools and the community in general. With the environment, we are committed to delivering initiatives that promote awareness of clean production technologies, native species protection, soil conservation, and encourage cleaning campaigns against river pollution. 

We also aim to help local entrepreneurs with management information systems to preserve business sustainability. And we have a major interest in giving local artists opportunities to showcase their talents in art and culture. 

To fulfil our mission, we are constantly looking for donors and volunteers to better serve our communities. 

Avida Global will be contributing to the foundation and we will work on external funding options through donations from third parties. We will also investigate government help and seek grants that may be available. All of which will help to create more funds for the foundation to carry out its good works.

We pledge to constantly work to the highest ethical and environmental standards. Our production methods will always be fully sustainable. Everything we do will be based on our core values that define how we do business: