Growing cannabis requires determination, expertise and investment. As a global business we operate to the highest and most secure international standards, with a commitment to excellence in everything we do. It is this uncompromising passion that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our high standards are reflected in our production facility, La Finca Manizales, which lies in the north east of Colombia. This is an ideal location for our purpose-built production complex, with 280 hectares of high grade flat land, abundant water and power and shelter from the mountains.

We grow in purpose-built greenhouses providing the optimum growing conditions as for temperature, HR, light, and CO₂

Distribution, cultivating with eight plants per square metre at the rate of five crops yearly. The plants are never above a metre high and our seed and nursery facilities are constantly innovating in order to produce the highest quality strains.

Our cultivation process ensures consistency of the product and allows us to maintain tight control over the nutrients, with natural light encouraging healthy and vigorous plants with bigger root system.

Our custom-built Post Harvest Room (PHR) with its specially designed, dedicated layout is at the heart of our production. Harvesting, drying, extraction and cold storage areas preserve the oil content and we have robust storage and security procedures in place.

Our operation has the full support of the mayor, civic administration, local community and military as well as easy transport links via rail, air and seaports.