We work to the very highest quality and testing standards. Our commitment to producing the best possible product is uncompromising and informs everything we do. Avida Global’s reputation will always take priority over profit.

Both our CBD (Cannabidiols) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are produced to the most rigorous GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

GAP accreditation draws on well established guidelines for herbal medicine. It ensures a consistently safe and hygienic quality product of known potency and purity. It also simplifies the adoption of ISO and other internationally recognised standards.

All our output is EU-GMP compliant and each batch comes with full Certificate of Analysis (COA). Our on-site lab tests each batch, with additional independent off-site lab testing and validation undertaken regularly.

Our tests include High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC) and Gas Chomotography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) testing.

We also undertake Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) testing along with checks for pesticides and heavy metals residues. Microbiological testing for bacteria is also an integral part of the quality process.

The product comes in secure containers in three sizes: 0.5 litre/kg, 1 litre/kg and 5 litre/kg. Our own lab stability tests provide a shelf life guarantee of up to six months, and tests with INVIMA – Colombia’s equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration – guarantee 12 and 24 months of stability.

The vacuum packaging we use is recyclable, fully secure, lined, protective and ensures the product can be stored for up to 24 months. It also shows the batch COA and provides full traceability.